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App Funding Beta

Merchant Cash Advance to assist with any business need

Our merchant cash advance helps you plan for a successful future. Get fast access to the working capital you need to grow your business.


What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) gives businesses fast access to working capital based on future credit card or other receivables so they can meet their business needs. This type of funding is an alternative form of financing that works by giving businesses upfront access to a lump sum in return for a portion of the future revenue receivables at a discounted price. This allows the payment timeline to be tailored to the flow of business sales.

To be approved for an MCA, certain criteria must be met. Important qualifying factors are that the business must accept credit card payments or have other receivables.

At App Funding Beta, applying for an MCA is fast and convenient. You can complete the application for your business through our online portal in just a few minutes. Our merchant cash advance amounts start at $10,000 and range up to $5,000,000.

Merchant Cash Advance with App Funding Beta

At App Funding Beta, we’re dedicated to unlocking big potential for your small business. Consider us part of your team, helping your business grow with flexible financing solutions tailored to your business’ unique needs.

Responsible funding you can trust

At App Funding Beta, our mission is to help small- and mid-sized businesses grow without the stress of applying for small business funding through a traditional lender. With a streamlined online application, faster turnaround, and approvals based on your business’s potential—not just your credit rating—we can approve more small business funding than traditional lenders, often in as little as one business day.

You’ll receive working capital now, and we’ll receive a percentage of your daily or weekly credit card sales until the terms of the advance have been met.

Borrow as much or as little as you need without the obligation of a fixed term loan. Draw and repay as you go and only pay interest on the amount you've borrowed.

About our clients

We provide quality funding services to over clients and they are very satisfied

Elizabeth Sofia CEO-NeoState LTD.

Thanks to App Funding Beta, I was able to secure the funding I needed to take my business to the next level.

Amelia Mia MediOla- Manager

I was feeling really overwhelmed trying to navigate the world of business financing on my own, but App Funding Beta made it easy.

Charlie Cooper TechSole- Manager

I'm so grateful for the support that App Funding Beta provided me during a difficult time. They were able to help me access emergency funding quickly and easily.

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